Pet Shampoo Massager Brush

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Product Details
Product Details

Transform Bath Time into a Blissful Experience for Your Pet with Our Revolutionary 3-in-1 Pet Bath Brush!

Introducing the Ultimate Pet Grooming Solution! 

Your furry friend’s bath time just got a whole lot easier and enjoyable! Our innovative Pet Bath Brush is specifically designed to keep your pet clean and healthy, while providing a soothing massage experience they’ll love.

Why Our Pet Bath Brush is a Must-Have:

  • Effortless Shampoo Dispensing: A gentle squeeze releases shampoo easily, ensuring a deep, foamy bath.
  • Deep Cleaning Action: The brush efficiently removes dirt, dead skin, and loose fur, making every bath thorough and effective.
  • Stress-Free Baths: If your pet is not a fan of bath time, this brush is a game-changer, making it easier to clean sensitive areas like ears, face, and paws.

No More Bath Time Hassles!

  • Say goodbye to stressful baths, hair-strewn mats, and dirty pets!
  • Gently removes loose hair, dirt, and mud.
  • Pets love the massaging bristles.

Premium Quality for Ultimate Comfort: Made with high-quality soft silicone, our Pet Bath Massage Brush not only cleans your pet but also massages their skin. The round teeth boost blood circulation while the ergonomic design ensures ease of use and wrist and hand comfort.

Features that Make a Difference:

  • Health and Well-being Promoter: The brush’s internal shampoo flow provides a rich lather, maintaining a soft coat and hydrated skin.
  • Transform Bath Time into a Soothing Massage: Pets adore the gentle silicone bristles that massage the skin and enhance blood circulation.
  • Ergonomic Design: Easy to handle, ensuring a comfortable grip for hassle-free bathing.
  • Easy to Clean: Simply rinse the brush and hang it up to dry.
  • Perfect Size: The 80 ml storage compartment holds just the right amount of shampoo for your pet’s bath.

Versatile and Multifunctional

  • Ideal for most pets, including dogs, cats, sheep, horses, and more.
  • Multi-functional: Degreasing, Brushing, Massaging, Exfoliating, Relaxing. A perfect shampoo brush for pets of all sizes!


  • Material: Silicone
  • Colors: Blue, Yellow, Pink
  • Size: Approx. 8.8×8 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 × Pet Bath Massage Brush

Elevate your pet’s bathing experience with our multifunctional Pet Bath Brush – your furry friend’s new favorite bath time accessory!

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52 reviews
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Kayleigh Hawkins

If you’re only applying shampoo, it may not create enough foam. I recommend placing a small sponge inside to generate more foam. 😄😄😄

Maddison Mason

This item fits easily in the palm of your hand, and my dog seems to enjoy the feel of it. However, the soap dispenser aspect is a bit pointless as the soap constantly leaks out, so it doesn’t dispense effectively. I’ll continue to use it because my dog likes the bristles.

Leighton Vargas

My dog has sensitive skin, and this shampoo works well for him and his coat.

Micah Gross

This is perfect for my dog. She loves how soft the brush is, and it’s gentle on her. I also appreciate the easy shampoo dispensing feature, which makes showering her a breeze.

Mariyah Dejesus

My dogs love this brush. I can scrub them all over, and they absolutely love it. The bottom of the brush is soft and won’t hurt them. The only thing is that the soap will leak out, so only put in what you need for each bath!

Evelynn Benjamin

This product makes it easy to shampoo my Shih Tzu. It’s smaller in size but fits well in my hand.

Kadence Berry

I bought this to bathe my golden doodle because I felt like I was using a lot of shampoo and still not covering all her hair. This product works great; I was able to scrub her all over, creating bubbles and leaving her smelling great. I love it.

Rachel White

My dog loves this! It’s small, so I use it when traveling with him. I wish I had discovered this sooner!

Danielle Fletcher

It’s very gentle. Bathing my dog is a challenge, but this brush is soft, holds the shampoo well, and is easy on my dog’s skin. However, it can be a bit slippery when wet, so you might need to pick it up a few times during bath time.

Elsie Murphy

It works, but my dog weighs 150 lbs, so I prefer pouring shampoo in my hand and rubbing it on him. He’s so big that the product didn’t provide enough soap.

Amelia Young

As my dog is getting older, I need to be quicker during bath time. This tool has made bath time much faster, and I wish I had ordered it sooner.

Maddison Baxter

This is a fantastic tool for washing our dogs! Our healer really enjoys it, as it’s soft yet effective at scrubbing. I think kids would love using it too. It’s cute, colorful, and easy to use.

Alexis Sykes

This is perfect for gently scrubbing my pup. I’ve read some reviews saying that the shampoo leaked out of it, but I didn’t have that issue. In fact, I might dilute the shampoo with a little water to make it come out even more easily. But overall, I love it! It’s better than lathering his fur with just my hands.

Jamie Lloyd

I love this product. I wish the shampoo seal was tighter to prevent leakage, but it’s still worth the money and serves its purpose.

Frankie Harper

The top where you put the shampoo in can sometimes push all the way down, so you have to turn it upside down when finished, or soap will pour out.

Lynn Cunningham

I have two Siberian Huskies, and it has made showering them much easier. No more mess when applying shampoo, and it’s easier to brush them.

Skye Sharp

My dog didn’t move; she must have loved the sensation. She stood there for quite some time, enjoying the gentle scrubbing. I’m so glad I purchased this!

Danni Dixon

Simple and does the job.

Madalynn Huff

It has made bathing my 140lb dog much easier. I filled it with shampoo, and it lathered just fine. I should have ordered one sooner.

Journey Guzman

My dog hates showers, but as soon as I put this on her, she relaxes, and bath time becomes a breeze. I would recommend getting this; it’s very easy to use and comes in handy.

Marilyn Marshall

I love using this on my two dogs. One of them is a bit squirmy, but the other one absolutely loves it. She doesn’t mind at all. Thanks, TikTok!

Brisa Bennett

My dogs are usually uneasy during bath time, but when I used this, they didn’t even flinch. They love it! So, I’m happy because my dogs are happy!

Bryanna Yang

Yes, it’s a bit messy because it leaks so much that I have to refill it sometimes before using it on my puppy. Having said that, my puppy loves it and lets me scrub her without fussing. He even lets me scrub his face! I’ll deal with the mess as long as my little guy enjoys his baths.

Natasha Henderson

I love this dog bath brush. It’s great, and my dog loves it too. It really works.

Ellie Chambers

This brush is incredibly soft. I tested it on my arm before using it on my pup. I filled it up once, but you have to put too much soap for it to come out. I prefer putting the soap on my pup first and then using the brush. I even use it on my pup’s paws, and she doesn’t mind at all.

Tilly Patel

It’s okay, but the top keeps falling off, so I no longer put shampoo in it. However, I still use it to scrub the dogs after applying shampoo the old-fashioned way, and they like the feeling of the brush bristles on their skin. It’s for them, so if they like it, I’m happy with it.

Jasmine Hill

My Yorkie used to hide during bath time, but now she relaxes and enjoys the massage from this brush. I love it even more than she does! It’s a great find and a game-changer!

Esme Gallagher

This scrubby is amazing. Washing the dogs has never been so quick and easy. The bristles are soft and easy to handle. I definitely suggest purchasing this.

Taylor Cooke

This was great. It was soft on my puppy’s body and got him really clean. The only issue is that shampoo leaked out of the brush when not in use. I filled it up thinking the shampoo would stay until next time. Still, I loved using it.

Tyler Harvey

My dog really loves the feeling of this brush, and I prefer it over using my hands. It’s much easier.

Jessie Jenkins

My Yorkie LOVES bath time with this tool, and I love how easy it is to apply shampoo. He feels like he’s getting a massage, and I know he’s getting clean! I highly recommend it.

Lucas King

It works great on my German Shepherd’s long hair, creates a great lather, and cleans effectively. A great product!

Jacob Lee

It’s a great product, but the middle holes for the soap need to be a bit larger for it to dispense properly. Once I made the holes bigger, it worked well.

Ada Newton

It’s a great product, making bathing my dog much easier. The only issue is that soap leaks from the lid when you squeeze it.

Kristen Luna

It’s so easy to use; my eight-year-old loves giving the dog a bath, and I don’t have to stand over her anymore. The tool dispenses enough soap over time, and it doesn’t dry out when leaving soap in it either.

Chelsea Gordon

The brush part with the bristles is great; it works perfectly and is very comforting for the animal.

Rachel Howard

Easy to use, great value. Even the dog seemed to enjoy it.


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