Scaled Oil Dispenser

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Product Details
Product Details
No more overpour
or burning
There’s nothing more wasteful than accidentally pouring out a dollop of oil that’s way more than you need. When an excess of oil is poured, you either have to use it with the food you’re cooking (which can lead to burning) or pour some of it out (which is wasteful). Our Scaled Oil Dispenser makes measuring the amount of oil you need much easier, with a printed scale chamber atop the bottle for easing eyeballing.
work your magic
The button on our Scaled Oil Dispenser suctions oil via a vacuum tube from the main chamber of the bottle into the scaled chamber atop near the spout. Just press and hold. When the button is released, no more oil is dispensed into the top chamber. From the top chamber, you can then see the measurement levels of oil and tilt the bottle to dispense accordingly.
Great for salads
and sauces
You can also use this wonderful kitchen tool to measure out salad dressings, vinegars, or sauces. No more overseasoning or accidentally drowning your salad in a vinaigrette.
Spill- and drip-free
Our sealtight bottle and spout ensures no dripping, spilling, or sticky and oily bottles like with traditional oils. Hold and dispense without wet or sticky fingers!
Snap it shut
Unlike traditional oil jars or bottle spouts that stick out and are susceptible to contaminants in the air, our scaled dispenser’s spout also functions as a snap-cap for a secure lock and closure.
A dependable worker
in the kitchen
Our Scaled Oil Dispenser is made from borosilicate glass that is temperature-resistant, while the spout is made of food-grade plastic. All components are hand- and dishwasher-safe and are designed to work fine by a hot cooking surface or wok. Our bottles are also well-sized, measuring 11.2 x 3 in (L x W) for easy storage and blending in on your kitchen counter.

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31 reviews
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The dispensers are really drip-free and look beautiful. I checked the measurements and measured my cabinet before ordering. The dispensers are only supposed to pour out the amount you squeezed into the top reservoir as long as you keep the two squeeze holes on the silicone press covered. But when you start pouring, the oil continues to come out of the bottom part into the top reservoir and you’ll end up pouring more than the amount you want.


Very useful product easy to use. Does not spill a drop. Easy to clean and handle. Keeps my kitchen clean. I use oil for cooking everyday and this is really useful. One for vegetable oil and another for olive oil. For cleaning I just put these in dishwasher. Nice way to keep hand clean while cooking.


Nice and easy to use. Drip free and also looks good. Good value for money.


this works great in controlling the amount of oil you’re pouring out. It’s easy to refill. It’s a little tricky getting the top section to fit just right to use the first time, but no problems since. I don’t know how my daughter did this, but she broke one of the tops so now we have two bottoms and one top.


Good quality ! Looks amazing!


everything’s up to standard


This is a really great product. I use it for avocado oil and olive oil. You just pump the amount of oil you want and pour it out. I cook with avocado oil and put olive oil on my salad or bread and the ability just to pour it out is really convenient. If you use oil for cooking or on salads this is what you want. I’m pleased that I bought this product and this is the only oil dispensing system I will ever need.


this works great in controlling the amount of oil you’re pouring out. It’s easy to refill. It’s a little tricky getting the top section to fit just right to use the first time, but no problems since. I don’t know how my daughter did this, but she broke one of the tops so now we have two bottoms and one top.


Fast shipping. Good quality. Five stars to this store.


Oh my!! Am in love with these dispensers!! Easy to use and dripless. Just a squeeze on top at both sides, front and back, and good to go!!


This dispenser with the scale looks damn cool!! LOVE IT! thanks to store!


Very happy with quick delivery – just in time for the holidays


I received dispenser with the scale within a couple of weeks. Like it so much.


it’s always cool to get a new kitchen utensil without any additional expenses. thanks for the free shipping!


I love this… arrived in really good condition! No defects! Thanks!


Gotta love the seller, it’s always fun and productive to have a chat


Love the dispenser with the scale. Thank you very much!!


Really helps in kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s not air-tights.


Thank u! I was a little worried how the bottle will be treated during the shipment, but the item is perfect!


Got two of them, both orked great, I use the small one for oil and the large one for cooking wine.


Never thought buying online can be such fun. Thanks to the seller, my expectations are more than met! Easy to use. Squeeze up what you want and drizzle. Do not overfill the bottle or it will keep pouring until the liquid level no longer covers the bottom opening of the tube. Not air tight: This shouldn’t be used for perishable oils like flax.


I like oil. I use these for Olive oil and toasted sesame oil. They took a minute to figure out how to get the damn pull into the top, but once I did I love them. Slight issue with a bit more oil coming out when I pour if i rely on their measurements. But honestly why measures oil. Oil is life.

Had slight issue with dripiage but it’s cool


I have tossed out no less than half a dozen oil dispensers because they leaked or the nozzle didn’t fit the bottle tight enough. At last…after years of hunting, I have found the absolute best oil dispenser on this planet. Do you wonder…is she exaggerating? My answer, No. The engineering in this set of two dispensers is a scientific feet in itself…with careful prototyping to refine the design to achieve such mastery. Bravo! This set is my new favorite kitchen item….truly ‘drip free’ and will measure precise measurement from a teaspoon up to a tablespoon with a gentle squeeze. Awesome! Ten stars in my book…yes, a perfect 10!


These are fantastic and do exactly what they say. We use one for olive oil and one for avacado oil. Being able to quickly measure out the amount to be used is very helpful. Also, the fact that they do not drip or leak oil like so many oil containers have done on us in the past. They also look nice enough to leave out next to the stove. Would recommend to anyone who cooks often and uses oil.


got it for my cousin. no drawbacks noted, 4 stars


Over all, I am pleased with this item. The bottles are of good quality and they are simple to use. I did double check the accuracy of the measurements against a traditional measuring spoon and found the measurements to be inaccurate though, so double check before relying on the marked measurements. I found them to be approximately 1 tsp to large (the tablespoon measure on these bottles actually equals about 4 teaspoons or 1.33 tablespoons. 5 stars if the measurements were accurate, but I would absolutely recommend this product without hesitation.


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